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 Sed vulputate

Meet Jessi

She is an independent artist and works at Art & Clay on Main in Lancaster, Ohio - a studio developed from a collaboration of artists who regularly work together.

Jessi is involved in several activities through Special Olympics. Her main focus is her artwork and her horse Indigo.

She was inspired to start writing her first children’s book when she received an award and got to travel to Washington DC. She was very worried about her horse Indigo staying home, so she took Indigo with her, in spirit of course.

Because of her creativity, Jessie was selected to help paint a commemorative mural celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She worked with 12 other artists from Ohio in creating the mural, which traveled across Ohio in 2010 and 2011 to help raise awareness of the positive changes that have been made for individuals with disabilities.

Hi! My name is indigo. My life started out in Cincinnati Ohio. I lived with a great family that took good care of me.

As time progressed, my owner could no longer ride me or my best friend, Jojo. They loaded us up and brought us to the great county of Fairfield in the middle of Ohio.

This is where I continue my journey with my new best friend, Jessi. We are therapeutic animals and that is how I have chosen to live my life.

Everyone has gifts and dreams I am hoping that I am a part of that.  I also paint and you view my work here….

And Indi